On the George Washington Bridge

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No fighting over the radio, no moldy motel rooms, and no greasy rest stop food could prepare Oprah and Gayle for the terrifying last minutes of their trip.

On the George Washington Bridge into New York City—250 feet above the Hudson River—Gayle, behind the wheel, told Oprah something no passenger should ever hear. "I'm going to have to pull over because I need to put on my glasses."

After wearing her contact lenses for the entire day, Gayle's eyes had grown tired and itchy, and her vision was blurring. With no shoulder on the bridge, Gayle's only choice was to keep driving—half-blind, nervously sweating and hugging the white lines in the road—the only thing she could clearly see.

"Our nail-biting drive across the bridge only took about two minutes, but it felt like an hour," Oprah says.