Hairstylist Ken Paves, colorist Rita Hazan and makeup artist Bobbi Brown share the tricks of their trades. How did they help five women transform their looks?
Rita Hazan gave Kim highlights to create multidimensional color and brighten her face. Ken Paves said Kim's long hair was dragging her face down, so he gave her face framing layers. Bobbi Brown showed Kim how—in just a few easy steps—she can apply makeup to look 10 years younger, using Cobalt Ink Long Wear Gel Eyeliner and Black Everything Mascara on Kim's eyes, a combination of Desert Rose Blush and Pale Pink Blush on her cheeks, and Mauve Lip Liner and Brightening Pink Lip Gloss on her lips.

Rita softened Cindy's hair color by three shades and added highlights and lowlights for a warm golden glow. Ken Paves updated Cindy's hair with a modern cut that flatters her fine features. Bobbi used a Medium Bronzer and Pale Pink Blush to highlight Cindy's skin. On her eyes, she applied Black Ink Long Wear Gel Eyeliner.

Rita warmed up Hillary's hair color with caramel highlights, losing the gray. Ken Paves added his Hairdo™ clip-on extension so she can instantly add fullness and glamour to her hair. Bobbi got rid of the darkness under Hillary's eyes with a Hydrating Eye Cream, Dark Peach Corrector, Warm Natural Concealer and Honey Foundation Stick. Then, she added a youthful glow to Hillary's cheeks with Velvet Plum Pot Rouge.

Rita took 20 years off Marlene's look when she got rid of the gray and colored her hair a lively chestnut brown. Ken continued the age reversal when he gave Marlene a sexy, modern cut. Bobbi gave Marlene's skin a youthful glow with Hydrating Eye Cream, Extra SPF 25 Moisturizing Balm and Sand Pink Blush.

Rita colored Sheila's hair a warm honey-blonde to give her a fresher look. Ken showed Sheila how getting her bangs off her face actually makes her look younger. Bobbi highlighted Sheila's blue eyes with a combination of Wheat, White, Cement and Slate Eye Shadow and Cobalt Long Wear Gel Liner. She also got rid of Sheila's "high color" with Warm Sand Foundation Stick, All Over Bronzing Gel, Sunny Beige Loose Powder and Dark Bronzer/Nectar Blush.


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