Chicago couple Sara and Bill were like many newlyweds—soon after their fairytale wedding, they wanted to start a family. "We came home and started [trying to conceive] pretty quickly after that," Bill says. "About a year into it, that's when we started looking around saying, 'Wait a minute. Why isn't this happening?'"

Like many women in their early 30s, Sara, a life coach, says she never thought getting pregnant would be so difficult. In search of answers, Sara made an appointment with fertility specialist Dr. Carolyn Coulam. "The problem was that she was not ovulating, so we put her on ovulatory-inducing drugs," Dr. Coulam says.

For a year and a half, Sara took the medication but still wasn't able to conceive. That's when Dr. Coulam suggested in vitro fertilization, or IVF. Bill's sperm was combined with Sara's egg, and Dr. Coulam implanted an embryo in Sara's uterus. The couple waited and prayed for a miracle. "We thought if this is the way to have kids, let's be grateful that this medicine exists and go for it," Sara says.


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