Detective Scott Nottingham

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When Sarah left the apartment, she says she didn't realize she had killed Katie. Police soon arrived on the scene and found shocking evidence of Katie's deception. Inside Katie's closet, officers found a padded belly suit stained with blood. It was a pregnancy disguise that Katie wore to convince friends, family and Sarah that she was pregnant.

The police also discovered a nursery stocked with diapers, formula, toys and a crib. Inside a diaper bag, they found some of the most disturbing evidence. Katie had stocked the bag with surgical gloves, cutting instruments, medical gauze and a homemade umbilical clamp.

Despite all the evidence, the case took a surprising twist...Sarah became the focus of the investigation. Some members of Katie's family alleged that Sarah had been planning to sell her baby to Katie for $5,000, but then changed her mind and decided to kill her instead. Sarah was questioned by police and forced to take a six-and-a-half-hour lie detector test.

During the investigation, police found that Sarah was not at fault. "There's no doubt in my mind that Katie Smith had, in fact, lured Sarah Brady to her home for the sole purpose of taking by cesarean section Sarah Brady's baby," Detective Scott Nottingham says.

In fact, Detective Nottingham now says Sarah wasn't the only expectant mother Katie had targeted. He says Katie, who had faked three other pregnancies in the past, found women's personal information on online baby registries.