Sarah, Katie Smith (pictured) and Oprah

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Before Sarah could listen to her instinct to leave the apartment, Katie (pictured) collapsed and said she was going into labor. Sarah helped her into the bathroom.

Sarah says Katie gave her a look that confirmed what her inner voice was trying to tell her. "She looked up at me with this just dead look on her face," Sarah says. "To this day, it makes me sick even thinking about it...the evil that poured out of her."

As Sarah walked to the door to leave, Katie asked if she could give her new "friend" a hug. Before Sarah could say no, Katie embraced her and began squeezing tighter and tighter. Then, Sarah says Katie reached into her pocket and pulled out a knife. "She said, 'You're not going anywhere.'"

Sarah says she managed to knock the knife out of Katie's hand. The two women fought intensely for about 20 minutes, she says. "I was thinking that me and my child were going to die here in this apartment and no one was going to know it," Sarah says.

After continued struggle, Sarah got hold of the knife and stabbed Katie in what she thought was her shoulder. "You could see the blood seeping from the top of her sweatshirt," Sarah says. "She even looked at me and said, 'You stabbed me, you stupid b***h.' At that point, I took the knife out of my hand, and I fled the apartment."