Clara Harris

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Clara says that she frantically began an all-out campaign to save her marriage. First, she took David to a romantic piano bar. "That night I told him, 'I want to know what is so attractive [about] her. What is the difference…between her and me?'"

David's answer? "That she had zero fat," Clara remembers. The next comparison was devastating. According to Clara, not only did David admit to having sex with his mistress, but the sex, he said, was a fantasy come true. He said that Gail had sex with him three times a day. Clara says that she decided that she would double that. Clara also claims to have hired a personal trainer, got a membership at a tanning salon, and planned to have her hair and nails done every day. She recalls that she put down a deposit at the plastic surgeon's office for breast augmentation and liposuction and went shopping for sexy clothes.

And in order to devote herself entirely to David, Clara made one more stunning sacrifice. "I called the office," she says, "and I told them, 'I am retiring today. You're never going to see me again. I'm going to dedicate myself to my family.'"