Clara Harris speaking with Oprah

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Clara said that David agreed to break it off with Gail. Clara asked him to call her and end the relationship over the phone, but he said he wanted to do it in person. "I thought," Clara says, "he's a man; he's not a child." So Clara agreed to David meeting Gail at a local restaurant while she waited in the parking lot.

On the day of the meeting, Clara says David's daughter, Lindsay, decided to come along to give her stepmother emotional support. Clara hired a private investigator to listen in on David and Gail's conversation to confirm that they were ending their relationship. David's office manager also got involved—and according to Clara, she secretly followed David and called Clara when she saw that things were not going as planned. "She told me," Clara remembers, "'He's not going in the direction of the restaurant.'"

Clara says that she and Lindsay then checked his mistress's house, expecting to find David's truck in the garage, but it was not there. They then went back to the restaurant. While they were circling the parking lot hoping to find David's truck, the private investigator called Clara. She recalls that he reported that David and Gail were checking into the Hilton Hotel—the exact hotel where, 10 years earlier, David and Clara had held their wedding reception.

Clara and Lindsay drove to the hotel. "We pulled right up to the door," Clara remembers. "I wanted to find him." They went inside to check the hotel restaurant and even searched the bathrooms. Frantic, Clara says that Lindsay called her dad on the cell phone, making up a story that one of the twins was sick and that David needed to come home right away. Moments later, Clara saw a couple emerge from the elevator. It was David and Gail, and they were holding hands.