Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez
Whether on the runway or on the red carpet, designer Narciso Rodriguez is in demand. He got his start in 1985 as a design assistant for fashion legend Anne Klein. Narciso later moved on to Calvin Klein where he met Calvin's publicist Carolyn Bessette. Narciso's big break came when Carolyn asked him to design a gown for her historic wedding to John F. Kennedy, Jr. Once the secret ceremony was revealed to the world, Narciso's elegant bridal dress became the most talked about design of the decade.

Narciso knows how to fit and flatter a woman's body. Hip stars like Salma Hayek, Sheryl Crow, Jessica Seinfeld, Charlize Theron and Sarah Jessica Parker are all fans of his beautiful creations. "It's so fantastic," Narciso says, "to create a frame for a woman's personality and her true beauty."
Anna Sophia models a Narciso Rodriguez dress.

Two-Piece Dress
Narciso is sharing his sensual spring line. First up, a two-piece dress. The underpiece is a silk tank dress with an easy fit. The overpiece in canvas is a bustier that accentuates a higher waistline. This is a casual yet elegant spring look that a woman can wear during the day at the beach with a flat sandal or in the evening with a high heel—Narciso has designed gorgeous shoes to complement all of his fashions!
Lisa models a Narciso Rodriguez dress.

Silk Dress
This coral silk dress is another example of a silhouette that is more fitted at the bust and more generous at the waist and hips. The bust is accentuated by a sexy little cutout. The pockets on this dress make it more casual for a relaxed and comfortable feeling.
Sessilee models a Narciso Rodriguez jacket and skirt.

Jacket and Skirt
This pale yellow jacket was inspired by scuba wear, the fit and how it holds in the body. The jacket is paired with a skirt which is inspired by Narciso's favorite surf shorts. "The use of black and white with the black carefully placed," Narciso explains, "can be slimming and therefore flattering." The look is finished off with a bold colored shoe.
Polina models a Narciso Rodriguez suit.

Summer Suit
This is Narciso's take on a suit for the summer. The jacket is a continuation of the silhouette that you see throughout the collection, tailored and fitted at the bust and loose through the torso.
Anna Sophia models Narciso Rodriguez trench coat.

Trench Coat
"I love the idea of taking something quite loose," Narciso says, "and cinching it in the waist to give a whole new shape." The 3/4 sleeve and open neck on this sunset pink trench coat give it a more feminine touch.
Lisa models a Narciso Rodriguez dress.

White Silk Dress
This is Narciso's white silk dress with black beading. The use of black and white puts emphasis on the bust, and there is a lot of movement in the material as a result of the volume and cut.
Sessilee models Narciso Rodriguez dress.

Coral Dress
For this look, Narciso was inspired by kite surfers on the beach—the way their parachutes billow out and fly across the sky. This coral-washed silk gown brings that feeling of excitement, air and movement into eveningwear.
Polina models a Narciso Rodriguez evening dress.

Evening Gown
This turquoise silk evening dress is a sister to the coral dress. "The detail on the back is as important as the front," Narciso explains. "I love the romantic notion of a woman passing and turning a man’s head."
Caitriona models Narciso Rodriguez dress.

White Silk Dress
This white silk dress with a white canvas bustier embodies all the ideas of the collection because of the ease and structure of the shape, and fit of the bustier over the volume and fluidity of the dress.

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