On August 6, 2008, Ricky welcomed his twins, Valentino and Matteo, into the world. "Valentino is a very, very noble boy. He's always sharing and he puts others first," he says. "Matteo is a very outgoing kid. He's alpha. He takes care of his brother, but he takes initiative and he's very inquisitive and he loves books."

Spend a day at home with Ricky and the twins.

When the twins came home, Ricky says he did everything himself for seven weeks straight. "I'm a hands-on dad," he says. "I want them to be 15, 16 and say, 'Daddy, you were always there with us and for us.'"

Ricky says he's never away from the boys for more than two nights and says they'll travel with him on tour. "The three of us create a really cool, beautiful dynamic of love energy. That's what's important," he says. "And I've only accomplished that with my children, being a father."

Ricky says he's already thinking about what he'll tell the boys about their biological mother. "I'm going to tell them: 'You know what? I wanted you in my life so bad that with the help of God, everything lined up,'" he says. "'I think the family is based on love, and I love you. You love me. And that is the most important thing, and not every family's the same.'"


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