Oprah and puppy

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When Oprah and Stedman decided it was time for some new additions to their canine clan, their journey began in Tehachapi, California, deep in the Mojave Desert, where dozens of golden retriever puppies awaited new homes.

"Stedman and I had a deal," Oprah says. "We'd choose one puppy apiece. But secretly I know this is not gonna be easy."

In less than 10 minutes, Oprah had a bad case of puppy love. Stedman immediately bonded with a husky boy pup, and Oprah fell for a precious baby girl. "She's little. She's docile. She's sweet. She's tiny," Oprah says. "I'm just wondering, though, if Sophie's going to try to eat her."

Then, Oprah spotted another pup that she couldn't resist—in spite of a slight imperfection. "We almost passed this cutie pie over, but she grabbed a hold of my heart and wouldn't let go," Oprah says. "I don't like eliminating her just because she has a little underbite. What is that, discrimination? The underbite is cute!"

So on to Plan B...why not three puppies instead of two? It took some serious puppy eyes to convince Stedman, but in the end they left with three new additions—Luke, Layla and Gracie!