Piers' first guest was none other than Oprah. Oprah says sometimes after she finishes an interview, she realizes there was a question she missed with the guest. "Is there something you wish you'd asked?" Oprah asks.

"Funny enough, about two or three days afterwards, I was thinking, 'What's the one thing I forgot to ask Oprah in this interview that the whole world was watching?'" Piers says. "And it came to me.
"Is there something you want to tell me?" Piers asks Oprah. "Is there a secret half-sister called Patricia that you have forgotten to mention in my interview?"

Piers says missing out on breaking the story of Oprah's half-sister isn't his only recently lost scoop. "The last interview I did in Britain before I came out here in December was Sir Elton John. And, again, I thought I'd done this amazingly brilliant interview...until two weeks after it aired [when] he reveals he's had a baby," Piers says. "And I was like, I didn't even know he was pregnant! So I'm really not having a good run."


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