Oprah's chocolate set

To construct Oprah's chocolate set, Godiva shipped 800 boxes filled with 52 different kinds of chocolate halfway across the country to Harpo Studios.

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Oprah's chocolate set

Masterful set designers Larry Abel and Raymond McCallister worked with dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, ganache and truffles.
Oprah's chocolate set

More than 15,000 pieces of chocolate were used to assemble walls, tables, chairs and more.
Oprah's chocolate set

Oprah's signature is one of the only set pieces not made of edible chocolate.
Oprah's chocolate mosaic

Dedicated designers created this wall mosaic using a variety of chocolates, and chocolate is the glue that holds it all together.
Oprah's chocolate chess set

This one-of-a-kind chess set, which is hand carved out of white, milk and dark chocolate, sits on an edible table!
Oprah's chocolate bar

Now this is a chocolate bar! On one wall, an ice bucket filled with truffles, drink glasses and bottles filled with sweet things await chocoholics.
Oprah's chocolate martini glasses

Even with hot lights beating down, these chocolate martini glasses should last through the whole show…unless the audience members get really hungry.
Oprah's chocolate fireplace

To make logs for the fireplace, Godiva designers filled mailing tubes with milk chocolate. Then, once it hardened, they peeled the mailing tube away and carved the chocolate tube into a piece of wood.
Oprah's chocolate set

Larry painted the Chicago skyline using melted white, milk and dark chocolates.
Oprah's chocolate picture frame

This frame brings together two things Oprah loves—her new puppies and Godiva chocolate!
Oprah's chocolate flowers

Intricate white chocolate flowers sprout from an equally indulgent vase.
Oprah's chocolate chandelier

Designers worked for more than 20 hours to create this chocolate chandelier. They strung each strand using a needle and wax thread.
Oprah's chocolate clock

To create pieces like this clock, Larry says designers use a heated knives, which melt the chocolate. That way, they can create any shapes they want!
Oprah's audience members eats the chocolate set

It took a team of designers 1,400 hours to create Oprah's edible set, but it only took the audience a few minutes to begin dismantling and eating their work!
Oprah's chocolate giveaway

Oprah gives away a bottle filled with chocolate candies to a lucky audience member.
Oprah congratulates Larry and Raymond

Oprah congratulates Larry and Raymond on their extraordinary vision. "This was fantastic, an incredible work of art," she says. "I'm going to take the chocolate book and put it in my freezer."

Rob Surette paints a two-minute masterpiece

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