When broadcasting legend Larry King announced his retirement from CNN, media watchers buzzed about who would fill the coveted chair. When news hit that CNN had given the gig to Piers Morgan, many people shared the same reaction: Who in the world is Piers Morgan?

You may know him as the brash British judge from America's Got Talent or the first winner of Celebrity Apprentice, but Piers Morgan has been stirring things up in the United Kingdom for more than 20 years.

He got his start as an entertainment writer and at 30 was named editor-in-chief of the Daily Mirror, a British tabloid. In 2004, the Daily Mirror published photos of what was believed to be British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. After the photos were revealed to be alleged fakes, Piers was fired.

Despite the setback, Piers reinvented himself with a career in television, including a top-rated British talk show. His unique and revealing interview style caught the eye of CNN and landed him the job of a lifetime as Larry King's successor, with the show Piers Morgan Tonight.


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