Dr. Gail Saltz

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Dr. Gail Saltz is a psychotherapist who deals with people struggling with weight issues. She says although Mary and Ruth need to figure out their relationship moving forward, Mary needs to find a broader support system than just her sister to overcome her issues with weight.

"Support systems are extremely important, and your sister, Ruth, has been kind of your sole support system," Dr. Saltz says. "And because of these mixed feelings, that is not really a great way to go. You can love each other, and I would say you [Ruth] could help her. Not with the food, where you have these mixed feelings, but give her time. Maybe be with her sons so she has some time to take a walk or to do some things that feel more healthful for her. Until you can be more aware of what you're saying about food and about your mixed feelings, you [Mary] need some friends, some community, some people around you who can really support you, because they're not invested in this relationship."