Jill and her father Kirk

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Jill has three skinny siblings and a father who reminds her every day that she is the fat one in the family.

"Does it bother me when we're out in public that Jill's overweight?" asks Kirk, Jill's father. "It does. I'll be honest. I do believe that Jill has an issue with self-control. She loves food and oftentimes cannot stop. When she opens up the refrigerator, I'll say, 'Jill, it's after 8. You don't really need something to eat this late.' I will give her a look like, 'Jill, you really don't need to be eating that.'"

For Jill, her father's unspoken disapproval is the most upsetting. "That look is probably sometimes harder to see than it is to hear," she says.