Chris, worried about his mother's weight

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Mary's 13-year-old son, Chris, is coming forward with the pain he has kept hidden until now. Chris is so worried, he has even started curbing what he eats at school in fear he will become obese.

"I get embarrassed when people look at her, and point at her and talk really bad to her," Chris says. "I just want to throw a basket at them or something. Since my mom is big and obese, she can't play or she can't ride rides with us. It just makes me really mad at her. She's just going to keep on eating food instead of taking care of us. It's jeopardizing my future. I really want a mom there whenever I graduate. I really just want to say to my mom to just stop eating, because if you keep on going, you can die. And I don't want you to die because you're my mom. I've never told her that."