James Frey and Oprah

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Oprah: How much of the book is fabricated?

James: Not very much. I mean, all the people in the book are real. Since The Smoking Gun report came out, two people who were in the facility with me have come forward.

Oprah: Yes, they came forward. I saw that New York Times report where they say many of the things that you describe did happen, but maybe they didn't happen the way you said they happened—that there were encounters with counselors, but not a knock-down drag out.

So all of those encounters where there are the big fights and the chairs and you're Mr. Bravado tough guy, were you making that up or was that your idea of who you are?

James: I don't think I describe at any point a knock-down drag out fight at any point in the book. The two confrontations that occur in the book, neither one of them is described as lasting longer than ten seconds. I mean, I think if you put 25 to 30 drug addicted and alcoholic men in a confined space, there are going to be confrontations.

Oprah: So you're saying ... that your description of those confrontations were true?

James: Yeah.