While searching for some of The Oprah Show's Ultimate Viewers, we came across Cathy McCarthy. Once a week, Cathy and her five best friends meet at a diner just outside of Boston to talk about The Oprah Show and everything else going on in their lives. From births and deaths to weddings and vacations, these women have been through it all together.

To give these besties the ultimate surprise, Oprah's own best friend, Gayle King, strolls into Zachery's Diner in the middle of their weekly brunch! "I just happened to be in the neighborhood," she jokes.

Gayle heard that Cathy's all-time favorite episode is Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure, which featured footage from Oprah and Gayle's hilarious cross-country road trip. "You know, Oprah and I went on a road trip in a red Chevy," she says.

Now it's Cathy's turn to get behind the wheel and embark on her own road trip! Gayle takes these six friends outside to hand over the keys to a new red Chevy that they can drive from Boston to Chicago for The Oprah Show's farewell season premiere!

Watch behind-the-scenes footage of the road trip.


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