Bernadette at her new home

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One year later, Bernadette's family is thriving in their new home. Bernadette thinks her dining room is so beautiful, she won't even use it! "I don't want [any]one touching my 'Nate plates,'" Bernadette says. "I wasn't used to having a house, and everything you all gave to me meant so much to me, and I just wanted to leave it the way you gave it to me."

What's been the biggest change in Bernadette's life since getting the house? "[My kids are] much happier. They can go outside and they can play," Bernadette says. "And my mother, she's well-rested and...we all have our own beds. That was a big change."

Now, the kids are all thriving, Bernadette says. Her oldest son is headed to college in January, and she says the rest of the kids are doing well in school. "They're very at peace now," she says.