Oprah, Bernadette and Nate Berkus

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It was one of Oprah's favorite surprises ever! Two years ago, Oprah took her Wildest Dreams Bus to a Chicago Starbucks to honor a woman named Bernadette who was single-handedly supporting a family of 12.

She generously cared for her elderly mother and her own three children, plus seven nieces and nephews who would otherwise have gone to foster care. The family lived in a dangerous neighborhood, and three people slept in each bed in the tiny apartment.

After treating the kids to a Toys "R" Us shopping spree, Oprah gave Bernadette a life-changing gift—a brand new house! She also promised to pay for all of the children's college educations. After six months of house hunting, Bernadette found the perfect house, and designer Nate Berkus stepped up to make it look and feel like home.