The best friends are taking a new adventure! See what happens when they go camping at Yosemite National Park.
Oprah and Gayle   The Great Outdoors
Follow Oprah and Gayle on their trip!
Oprah and Gayle   The Adventure Continues 
Don't miss Day 2 of their trip! Was it a success?
Moscow Mule   Moscow Mules
Get the recipe for Oprah's favorite campsite drink.
Gayle, Oprah, Shelton   Setting Up Camp 
The campers get to work on their Yosemite home.
Oprah   Happy Hour
Oprah mixes up drinks to share with her fellow campers.
  Find a Park 
Can't get to Yosemite? Find a park close to you!
Camper   Camping 101
Get this easy guide to surviving in the great outdoors.
Camper   Get the Checklist 
Make sure you've got all the gear you need for your camping trip.
Camper   Perfect Playlist
From the car to the campsite, these tunes will liven up your trip.


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