Oprah and Gayle shopping in Dillard's

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When Oprah and Gayle began their adventure, they never expected that their road trip would make national headlines...until they arrived in Tulsa. Gayle, a big fan of the blockbuster movie Wedding Crashers, decided that she and Oprah should surprise some Tulsa newlyweds. Although Oprah says she was apprehensive, she went along for the ride.

They couldn’t crash a wedding empty handed, so after they checked into the Crown Plaza Hotel, Oprah and Gayle went straight to Dillard's department store. "Finding the perfect gift for two sets of perfect strangers was harder than we thought," Oprah says.

Although they hoped to slip in and out of the department store without being noticed, crowds gathered as Oprah perused the couples' wedding registries. After much consideration, Oprah settled on a set of dishes for both couples.