'Beautiful Stranger' author Hope Donahue

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Hope Donahue, author of Beautiful Stranger, was a beautiful society girl obsessed with being pretty. At 22, she used her credit cards to pay for her first plastic surgery, a nose job. At 23, she had a facelift. By age 24, she'd had a total of five surgeries.

Horrified by what she was doing to herself, her parents had cut off her allowance and Hope was stealing to pay for her plastic surgery. Desperate, this former debutante began posing nude to support her addiction.

"I was so broke and so desperate for money and attention that I ended up in a bondage photographer's studio," says Hope. "That was horrifying but that was the moment where I realized what I was doing. I did hit bottom that day. … I walked out of the studio and I called a therapist and started therapy."