Cheryl's plastic surgery epiphany

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In her quest to get the "perfect face," Jenny decided she wanted Michael Jackson's nose. Although her plastic surgeon told her she could never have Michael Jackson's nose, Jenny insisted. She has had a total of three nose jobs and says, "The last time I went in there [the plastic surgeon] said to me, 'I'm warning you. If I do this, there's a very good possibility your nose will completely collapse and it will be flat on your face. And we will have to start all over again.' And I said, 'I'll roll the dice.'"

Jenny's words hit home for Cheryl. "I'm done," Cheryl says. "I can't. I don't want to roll the dice. A light bulb went off. I have two children. And my husband. To roll the dice with my life, to lose my kids, lose my husband…I'll stick with my legs [the way they are]."