Cheryl, addicted to liposuction.

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Cheryl, a mother of two, admits she is addicted to liposuction—and what was once a quick fix has now turned into an obsession. Cheryl's had a breast reduction, liposuction on her lower abdomen, "love handles" in the back, as well as a tummy tuck and tightening of her lower stomach muscles. Cheryl's obsession is taking a toll on the entire family, especially her husband Brad. The plastic surgery bills have put the family in serious debt, and Brad is working three jobs to work on paying off Cheryl's plastic surgery tab. Now, Cheryl wants liposuction on her legs. If she goes through with it, Brad has threatened divorce.

"It wasn't an argument," Brad says. "You get it done, and I'm leaving. I mean, it's over. I'm prepared to get a divorce and take our kids. I've had enough with the plastic surgery. Our household can't take it anymore. It doesn't benefit me and it doesn't benefit my children. It's not only a financial thing. It's hard to live in a house where somebody is always so unhappy about themselves. I have an 11-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son. I don't need them growing up to be obsessive about their weight or their looks."

Cheryl says, "He's tired of it all. We can't afford it. I mean, we refinanced our house to do this. So I need to stop."