Mary Winkler's attorney, Steve Farese, believes it was Mary Winkler's testimony that caused the jury to sympathize with her. "I believe not only what she said, but like my father always taught me, it's not what you say but how you said it," Steve says. "I think that is what got a hold of these jurors."

Leslie Ballin, another one of Mary Winkler's attorneys, says he thinks Mary Winkler should be given back custody of her children. "Not only is it legally possible, I strongly feel that it should happen," he says. "She needs those kids and, more importantly, they need her."

Lisa Bloom feels differently. "You know whether justice was done to Mary Winkler or not, I think what we know for sure is that a grave injustice was done to these children," she says. "The oldest daughter saw her father dying, bleeding on the floor.

"This is a woman who has such poor impulse control that she solves her problems with gun violence. I'm not comfortable giving them back to her completely now. I think she can start with some supervised visitation, certainly she should have contact with the children, but I don't think she should have complete custody yet."

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