Kenny's grueling schedule and intense passion for music leaves little time for much else, including relationships. In September 2005, Kenny made headlines when his four-month marriage to actress Renée Zellweger was annulled. Now, he reveals what really happened.

Oprah: Is that why your relationship with Renée Zellweger failed?

Kenny: You know, one of them. That and the fact that I panicked.

Oprah: You panicked?

Kenny: Yes, I panicked about a lot, you know.

Oprah: After you got married you panicked?

Kenny: Yes, but, you know, I look at my life as a box. ... So everything that I put in—learn how to play guitar, put that in the box. The friends I made. I put that in the box, and my career grew. Everything around me—all of the awards and all of the songs I wrote and all the success and everything—I put in that box. That box built grew into this wonderful house. Okay? And you protect everything and all the relationships and all the people that helped you build that house. And this is the first time I've actually talked about it, but that's what happened. I protected that box.

Oprah: So where was the marriage? In the box or out of the box?

Kenny: It was out of the box. Oh my God, but it's tough. It really is tough. And she's a sweet soul, no doubt about it, but I just wasn't ready.


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