At age 19, a small-town Southern boy from Luttrell, Tennessee, got a guitar for Christmas and learned to play. He spent years singing and strumming at honky-tonk bars across the South, dreaming of the day he'd hear his songs on the radio.

Twenty years, 30 million albums, eight Entertainer of the Year awards and countless sold-out concerts later, Kenny Chesney is now one of country music's biggest superstars. In the past decade, this self-described hillbilly rock star has sold more concert tickets than anyone in the world.

As his legions of loyal fans know, a Kenny Chesney concert is an experience. Sure, you'll sing along to his multiplatinum hits—"She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy," "When the Sun Goes Down" and many more—but that's not all. At some tour stops, Kenny parties alongside concertgoers at preshow tailgates.

Now, Kenny says he hopes to get even closer to his fans by singing his heart out and sharing his private thoughts in his debut documentary, Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D. In the film, Kenny shares his affection for the men and women who helped make him a star. "They come by land, on boats, and they love every minute of it. So much so, you want to get out there with them, and when you do, even more of them keep coming," he says in the film. "Honestly, it blows me away."


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