Add some extra punch to your Bloody Mary bar with some homemade infused vodka. All you need is a bottle of your favorite vodka and pieces of your favorite fruit or vegetable. Martha recommends cucumbers, cubanelle peppers with jalapeños or lemon peels. If the fruit or vegetable you like has seeds, remove them before adding them to the vodka. "Don't leave it out once you put the vegetables or fruits in it, because it could spoil," she says. "It doesn't get solid; it just gets syrupy."

If you're working with pineapple, Martha says to only use the core. "Take that hard core and cut it into thin strips and put it in the vodka," she says. 

Once your flavors have been added to the vodka bottle, let it sit it in the freezer for two to four weeks before serving, she says. 

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