Citrus topiary

Citrus Topiary
  • Citrus fruits
  • Linoleum knife
  • Glass pedestal
  • Glass compote
Instructions: Use the linoleum cutters to create designs in the skin of the fruit. Don't dig all the way down; you want the pith (the white stuff underneath the peel) to show.

Set your fruit—lemons, limes and oranges—in a clear bowl to give your table a fresh and colorful vibe.
Floating flowers

Floating Flowers
  • Short-stemmed flowers, like gardenias or peonies
  • Small finger bowls or large glass vase
Instructions: If using finger bowls, fill each with water and let one or two flowers float in each. Line them up down the center of the table. Or, for a more grand, singular statement, put a few flowers in a large glass vase or bowl, or even a fishbowl.
Votive candle centerpiece

Votive Candles
  • Votive candles
  • Small candle holders
Instructions: Votive candles are inexpensive, so you can buy a number of them without putting a strain on your wallet. Set the candles in the small holders and gather them in the center of the table. Always put a little water in the candle holder to prevent the candle from sticking when it burns down.
Fruit centerpiece

Fruit centerpiece
  • Any fruit that is in season
  • Three pedestals, clear or colored
Instructions: Pile the fruit on the pedestals—Martha like cherries or peaches, but it's most important to use fruit that's fresh and in season, she says. Set them in the center of the table, and that's it! A beautiful, edible centerpiece.

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