Lauren has waited eight months for a phone call.

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Lauren explains to Greg that she went on the greatest date of her life, but this great date was eight months ago. "Since then I've only heard from him via e-mail and text messages," she explains. "Why would he take the time to text and not just call? The thing is when he does e-mail me or text message me, he always compliments me…Why does he say these wonderful things to me if he just wants to be my friend? Is he into me or not?"

"He's not even calling you," Greg explains. "He doesn't even want to hear your pretty voice. Listen, this is really harsh: He's just sort of keeping you at bay. He's not giving you full-blown attention. You're going for crumbs—he's not even giving you crumbs! Why would you waste your time, you know what I mean? It was eight months ago . That's a long time. Here's all that time that you're tied up in this thing and you're not available for the dude that is out there and is going to find you and just want to rock to you all the time."

See what happens when Lauren and her great date reconnect face-to-face!