Lauri's best friend doesn't want a long distance relationship.

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For the last seven years, Lauri's best friend has always wanted to take their relationship to the next level. She's always rejected him but one night sparks flew and Lauri had the most passionate night of her life.

"So I'm thinking this is the one," says Lauri. "And you know what he says? 'If I lived in the same state as you, there's not a doubt in my mind we would be dating. I know you're the perfect girl. I want to marry you one day but I don't think we should date. But will you come visit me and help me decorate my house?'"

Lauri says she's confused. In the past, he's wooed her with roses and complimented her all the time. She wants to know, Is he into her or not?

According to Greg, "I see myself marrying you" and "I'm going to marry you" are two different things. "That's him buying some time because he doesn't know what his feelings are," Greg says. "You need to be clear about what you want and what you need and then say, 'Seeing me married to you in the future is great. If you want to make that happen, make it happen.'"