Rashaun's 'dream team' and dating tiers

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Rashaun reveals his secret male dating practices, saying guys actually put a lot of thought into planning their weekends.

"I mean, we want to spend our time preferably with our 'Tier 1' group of women," he says. "So I'm going to call 'Tier 1' women on a Monday or Tuesday to try to setup plans. 'Tier 2' will get called on Thursday. 'Tier 3' will get called Friday, before I'm going to the club, as I'm getting dressed, just to see what they're doing. And 'Tier 4' women will get called as I'm leaving the club, already had drinks, ready to go home. You know, a 'Tier 4' woman is a booty call."

Rashaun even has categories set up on his cell phone! The "dream team" consists of the women that he wants to be with. "Whenever they call, I'm taking their call," he says. After the dream team, he has the "associates" category. "And if you call from the "unfiled" category, I might not answer, and the reason is because I'm probably just not that into you."

"Hopefully my innermost confessions will help the ladies everywhere find the guy who really is that into them," Rashaun says.