Plastic bags and other waste are polluting the world's oceans.The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
The world's largest garbage dump isn't on's in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and it's killing a fragile and vital ecosystem.
Where all that garbage really goes

The Dervaes family's green lifestyleTo Live Green in L.A.
The Dervaes family has turned a tenth-acre plot into 3 tons of organic food!
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What green meansBeyond Bottles and Can
Sure, we reduce, reuse and recycle. But the brighter future we dream of calls for inventive solutions. O, The Oprah Magazine talks to the innovators.
What the world needs now

A message from Al GoreA Message from Al Gore 
Nobel Peace Prize winner—and former vice president—Al Gore says there are lots of things you can do change the fate of our world.
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Why Be Green?Why Be Green?
Environmentalist Elizabeth Rogers explains the "why" of the green movement. Why should you turn off your lights? Why recycle? Why care?
Her crucial answers

How you can make a differenceHow You Can Make a Difference
If we truly want to save our planet, we have to become active citizens in our democracy. It's easier than you think! Use these suggestions to create awareness and bring about change.
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Green glossaryGreen Glossary
Do you know what sustainability is? Are all products marked organic really organic? Elizabeth Rogers provides the answers. If you know better, you can do better.
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Make saving our planet a part of your daily life. The following organizations and resources offer additional information on how you can get started today!
Organizations working to help the environment


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