Nicole Kidman

She's one of the most beautiful and talented women in Hollywood. Now Oscar® winner Nicole Kidman is gearing up for her laugh-out-loud comedy, Bewitched, with Will Ferrell!

"Usually I have to do accents or I have to do a whole bunch of research," Nicole says. "For this I just had to watch Bewitched and learn how to wiggle my nose! [When I was younger] I would watch Bewitched in Australia. At night, just before dinner, I would watch the show and wish that I was married to Darrin! I don't know why. He was a bit of a geek, but I like that."
Nicole Kidman on love

At the heart of Bewitched is a love story, Nicole says. As for her own love life, she says she's an incurable romantic.

"I believe in falling in love, and I believe that there's one person for you," Nicole says. "I love the idea of just being in that bubble where there's only one other person for you. Obviously, I met one [Tom Cruise] and had that, and I'm waiting to meet the next one. ... [I believe] I suppose in that feeling of goose bumps. When you just go, 'There's nobody else that makes me feel better.'"
Nicole Kidman and Oprah

Designer Karl Lagerfeld has called Nicole the fashion icon of our time. Nicole says her love for fashion comes from her mother.

"My mother was a feminist, but she really has this sort of love for clothes and refinery," she says. "She would dress me up like a little doll and would take us shopping. She would take us to the flea markets, and we would find beautiful little vintage things. I think as a child when you're around that, then you grow into that. I have an enormous respect for [fashion design] as an art form."
Nicole Kidman talks motherhood

Nicole has two adopted children, Isabella, 12, and Connor, 10, whom she shares custody with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. What's the hardest part of motherhood?

"Not putting your judgments on them and not trying to make a child want what you want them to be," Nicole says. "Allowing them to be who they're born to be."

Nicole says that almost-teenager Isabella has even turned her on to some new music. She says, "She gives me the best recommendations on music, I have to say. She's got me listening to Eminem, the censored version, because that's what she gets!"
Nicole Kidman and Oprah

Nicole recently did a movie press tour around Europe and brought her childhood friend along for the whirlwind experience. For Nicole, the best part of being a celebrity is sharing the fun with others.

"When you bring people that are not privy to traveling to promote films and staying in extraordinary hotels and all of the things where you go, 'Oh, my gosh,' [realize] this is fun again. And I had the best time with her. It's about making sure you have the people in your life who have been there for all the right reasons, that you take care of them, that they take care of you, and that you never sever those ties."
Funnyman Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell first caught our attention in 1995 on Saturday Night Live. After seven hilarious seasons, Will was one of the most popular cast members. His hysterical impersonations of President Bush, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, and former Attorney General Janet Reno were dead-on. And who could forget his character Craig, the intense Spartan cheerleader?

Will made his film debut in the mega-hit Austin Powers. He streaked his way into our hearts, baring it all as the not-so-grown-up frat boy "Frank the Tank" in the smash comedy Old School. And he cracked us up in the Christmas blockbuster Elf. Among starring roles in other films, Will also mastered a 1970s chauvinistic newscaster in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Now he's romancing Nicole Kidman in Bewitched.

So what was it like making the remake of the classic sitcom? "We had a great time right from the beginning," Will says. "We got to rehearse for two weeks, I think, which was so important. You don't often get to do that, especially with comedy."

And how was making Bewitched for Nicole? "We just got to play," she says.
Will, on meeting Nicole

Before they started filming Bewitched, Will says he was a little nervous about meeting Nicole for the first time. That is, until the topic turned to his revealing role in Old School.

"I was in New York and you were working on The Stepford Wives. [Bewitched director] Nora Ephron called me up at the last second and was like, 'Come on, we've got to go meet Nicole. Let's go right now. I want to get you guys in a room [together],'" Will tells Nicole. "So we had like five minutes because you were about to go start shooting again. ... We were both, like, 'Hello. How are you?' And then I just started talking...and you said, 'I just saw Old School. I thought it was very funny.' And then there was a big silence and you just started laughing. So I said, 'What? Are you thinking about my butt right now?'"
Will, Nicole and Oprah

Oprah: What would either of you be doing if you weren't acting?

Will: I was a bank teller [before]. My first day of work was the worst day of my life. I would have repeat customers who'd actually ask for the manager and then in front of the manager chew me out and tell them how I'm the worst teller. And I would just stand there and go, he's absolutely right. I'm horrible!

Oprah: What would you be doing, Nicole? You've been acting since you were 14. Did you ever have another job?

Nicole: I worked as an usherette for a while. And I was a masseuse. But not that kind of a masseuse. Not a...not a "sexy" masseuse...a masseuse.

Oprah: Okay. So, I want you to be honest with me. You [massaged] all kinds of bodies, right?

Nicole: Yeah. Well, I did it on the side.

Oprah: On the side? I don't care where you did it. I just want to know, okay, a person is buck-naked, you've known them for 20 seconds. Do you go, "Hmm, cellulite. Lots of it."?

Nicole: No, you're looking at the body to assess what parts you really need to work on.

Oprah: And there's no judgment whatsoever?

Nicole: Oh, maybe a little.
Will Ferrell, long-distance runner

Two years ago, Will ran his third marathon, the prestigious Boston Marathon, in just 3 hours and 56 minutes!

Previously he had run marathons in New York City and Stockholm, Sweden, "You always run that after New York, of course," Will jokes.

"I'd say the first one was the toughest, New York," Will explains, because he ran that one with his wife, Viv. "And the rule was we were going to finish together no matter who was first. I was hurting, to put it mildly, and Viv was doing great!"

By the 22nd mile of that first marathon, Will was "a little irritable," he jokes. "Viv was like, 'Honey, the Empire State building.' I'm, like, 'I know. We're in New York. Where else is it supposed to be? Stop talking to me.'"
Will and Nicole

So, what are some of Nicole and Will's deep, dark secrets? Oprah's got the dirt!

Nicole likes to go to cemeteries! "I always go to my grandmother's grave. Actually my father and I walk through the graves together when I go back to Sydney, and we go and see my grandmother's grave and I like it. There's nothing wrong with that. I put flowers and I also like to just go and take flowers to different graves." She says it gives her "a sense of, I suppose, just the cycles of life, you know? And it also puts everything into perspective. It makes you feel actually very small."

Nicole also has a secret language with her sister! She says she and her sister created it "so that when we went out with guys we could talk about them in front of them. And we could talk about our parents, too. It's really handy now, I can tell you!"

Will's secret? He has a shoe rotation. What's that? "I like to wear all my shoes equally. I wear whatever is in the front of the row and then I rotate it to the back and then move all the shoes in order." Why? "Because I don't want to wear out any one pair too quickly. ... You know how you always have your favorite clothes or shoes or shirts? I would always feel bad for the other clothes that didn't get worn as much. But I'm not crazy."

Will's wife, Viv, says this sometimes creates interesting outfits. "Because of this rotation you sometimes get, like, J. Crew shorts, the wedding shoes that he got married in and a crazy buttoned-down shirt that should go with a suit. Whatever's next in line."