Gwen Ifill

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Gwen says she didn't start working on her questions until she knew who the vice presidential candidates were, and both Governor Palin and Senator Biden were announced just weeks ago.

After those announcements, Gwen says she commenced reading everything they've done over the years—including reviewing their previous debates to create a massive list of questions. From there, she started editing. "Take [the list] from hundreds of questions you'd love to ask to the questions which are fair and neutral and will engage debate rather than inquisition," she says. "My point was this was a debate about teaching the American people about both of these candidates, not just one. I tried to always come up with questions they could both answer."

Gwen says she actually was able to ask all the questions she wanted to include...and even a few she didn't think she'd get to. "I asked them at one point what their Achilles' heel was—what their great weakness was. And I had decided early on I wasn't going to ask that, but I'm glad I did. It was interesting," she says. "The questions you ask someone who is going to be vice president [are] slightly different from what you ask the person who's going to be president."