Abusive husband Max

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After Eddie and Kim's story of emotional abuse aired, The Oprah Winfrey Show got thousands of letters, many from men and women who recognized themselves in Eddie and Kim—and wanted help.

Max, a popular on-air personality for a Chicago radio station, decided to reveal his ugly secret: that he is emotionally abusive toward his wife Christine.

According to Dr. Steven Stosny, Max and other emotional abusers need to get help finding a new level of compassion. "When someone reaches out to you emotionally," says Dr. Stosny, "your heart tells you to comfort and love that person. The person you love is in distress. When you feel you can't help them is when most abusers become angry, and the key to overcoming the rage is being re-taught how to be compassionate, how to understand."

Max says he has recognized his problem and promises to work on his connection with his wife and kids.