Emotionally abused wife Kim

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When Oprah investigated the silent epidemic of emotional torture going on in American families , we met Kim and Eddie. After watching the emotional abuse captured by our cameras, Eddie vowed to reform his abusive attitude toward his wife. He enlisted the help of Dr. Steven Stosny, the founder of one of the most successful programs for abusive men in the country. Eddie has made some progress, but, according to Dr. Stosny, still has a lot of work ahead of him.

Through this ordeal, Kim says she has learned "that Eddie is filled with pain and truly afraid that I will leave him. I couldn't do that to him. I couldn't take his children away from him."

Oprah has some advice for Kim, and for all women who suffer from emotional abuse: "You have to be able to protect yourself before you can protect your children. This kind of pain, this kind of despair will eventually be projected onto your children. It's worth doing anything it takes to change that."