Cosabella pajamas

Actress, producer and style maven Rita Wilson says vintage is in—but not when it comes to your pajamas. "I think you have to splurge on pajamas. New pajamas every year," she says. "You have to get something that's going to look good on you."

Rita's favorite sleepwear is from Cosabella. "They're probably over $100, but the thing is, the quality is so amazing that you will buy two or three pairs of pajamas before you [finish] with one set of Cosabellas," she says.

This set is a great way to add a little spice to your sleep routine. "I like this short little pink thing because underneath is very sexy, very playful baby doll," she says. "If I were 30, I would wear this as I'm getting ready as well as to bed. And I think it's pretty sexy."

Cosabella pajamas

Looking for a little more coverage? You're not alone. "I have teenage boys in my house, so I like things that have a bit of modesty to them," Rita says. "They have a built-in sort of shelf bra, which is pretty nice, so it feels a little bit like you have some support under there but still super comfortable to sleep in."
Cosabella pajamas

This sleep set will take you through any season. "I never know if I'm going to be hot or cold," Rita says. "So I like a little tank toppy thing underneath but also I have a robe so I'm not freezing." 

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