On days when the printer breaks, the coffee is cold and the phone won't stop ringing, do you ever wish your boss could walk in your shoes? If so, then CBS has a reality series for you. On Undercover Boss, corporate executives trade in their corner offices for hard hats, mops and cramped cubicles. Cameras follow as they don disguises and work side-by-side with their unsuspecting employees.

Larry O'Donnell is one of the first bosses to go into the trenches. For years, Larry has been the man in charge of Waste Management, the largest trash and recycling company in North America. As the chief operating officer, Larry is responsible for the company's $13 billion business, 45,000 employees and 20 million customers. "I've had a lot of nice opportunities come my way that've allowed me to progress in my career," he says. "I've been very fortunate."

For one week, Larry travels the country, posing as Randy Lawrence, a man who's shooting a small TV show about entry-level jobs at Waste Management. "I'll be traveling location to location and staying at budget motels as if I really am an entry-level recruit who's new to town," he says.


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