Oprah asks Dave the $50 million question...will he ever return to Chappelle's Show?

Like a pendulum, Dave says his attitude has swung back and forth between "I'll never go back" to "I can't walk away from $50 million" over the last few months. Dave says he thinks he's finally come to a decision.

"Here's a scenario that I could come back to the show—I can't believe I'm saying this—but this is what I want to do," he says. "I do want to do my show again provided, one, I can make the proper work environment. But more importantly, I want to give. ... I don't want the money. I don't want the drama. I just want to do my show. I want to have fun again."

Ideally, Dave would like to work out a deal that guarantees that half the revenue from his DVD sales would go to help people in need. "How awesome would that be if people buy the DVD, they do it for charity?" he asks. "So even if I say something socially irresponsible, [some proceeds would go] to a socially responsible cause."

Now, Dave thinks it's time to get back on set and finish what he started. "We're going to get the proper foundations. We're going to figure it out. I get a little heated when I talk about the past. But I wanted to be clear—I'm not mad at anybody—not anymore."