A famous TV star, a Hollywood beauty and a tennis champ—they're three well-known celebrities who share a secret. They all dream of doing something completely different with their lives.

For actor Tony Danza, the past 30 years have been all about showbiz. Known for his sitcom success on Taxi and Who's the Boss, Tony does it all—acting, singing and dancing. But now he's ready to trade in his television scripts for textbooks. For one year, Tony was "Mr. Danza, English teacher" to a classroom of 10th-graders at Northeast High School in Philadelphia.

His first year in the classroom was filmed for an A&E reality series called Teach, but Tony says this job was no stunt. Long before he made it big in Hollywood, Tony went to college to become a teacher. He left those dreams behind after he was discovered, but with his 60th birthday fast approaching, Tony decided to roll up his sleeves and see what his life could have been like if he'd followed his other passion.

Tony says he didn't set out to document his first teaching experience on television. "I thought: 'Let me try this. Let me see if I can do it.' I was really going to do it, just go and be a teacher," Tony says. "I talked to one of my friends who's a TV producer, and [said]: 'I'm going to do this. I'm gung ho.' And he said, 'That would make a great TV show.' The next thing I know, A&E went along with it, and they came along."


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