Felicity's Diamond Jim, his handler, Kellie, and Oprah

Best in Show
The Westminster Dog Show is like the Super Bowl for those with four legs—it's the ultimate competition. Scores of well-bred pooches entered in 2007—and the coveted Best in Show award was given to Felicity's Diamond Jim, an English springer spaniel.

This 6-year-old champion—accompanied by his handler, Kellie, and owners Terri and Allan—goes by James.

Terri, a former handler and current breeder, says she knew James had what it took to be a champion from back when he was a puppy. "When he was born he had perfect markings. I couldn't have painted them on any better," she says. "They have to have what we call the total package, which is the right temperament [and] trainability, which he certainly had."

Not only are English springer spaniels like James proven winners, Terri says they're also great family dogs. "They like to be everywhere with you," she says.
Oprah meets Gibson, the world largest dog.

The World's Tallest Dog
Gibson isn't your average 5-year-old. He holds the Guinness record as the world's biggest dog! When measured in 2004, this Great Dane was 42 inches from his paws to his shoulders…but his owner, Sandy, says he's grown over an inch since then!

When Gibson is on his hind legs, he's 7'2"—that's an inch taller than NBA all-star Shaquille O'Neal.

Watch Watch the biggest dog's wild ride across the country.

Gibson's life isn't only about being in the spotlight. He knows the importance of giving back, so he volunteers as a licensed therapy dog. "His job is just to go around and make people happy and smile," Sandy says.
Brandy, the world's smallest dog

The World's Smallest Dog
Now that you've met the world's biggest dog, meet the smallest. Brandy, a 3-year-old Chihuahua, is here with Jessica and her owners, Paulette and Brian.

Tiny Brandy is about the size of a candy bar—and not even a king-size one!
Nicollette Sheridan introduces Oprah to Oliver, a white golden retriever

Nicollette Sheridan's Puppy Love
When Oprah visited the set of Desperate Housewives, she fell in love with actress Nicollette Sheridan's white golden retriever, Oliver.
Nicollette Sheridan and her dogs, Oliver and Little Fatty Princess

She also has Little Fatty Princess, a cross between a bearded collie and a terrier. "She's quite regal," Nicollette says. Nicollette says Oliver and Little Fatty Princess are like her children. "They've always been a source of comfort and love. I'd have to say are probably responsible for my sanity. I couldn't imagine life without them.

"Animals have just always been so important to me and they bring so much," Nicollette says. "They really fill your life if you let them."
Tori, Dean, Liam and Mimi La Rue, Ferris and Chiquita

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's Family
After Tori Spelling gave birth to her first son, Liam Aaron McDermott, her family was up to four "children." Tori's husband, Dean McDermott, says 1-month-old Liam is "our furless baby."

"Our family is three parts fur, one part skin," Dean says. "Three of them are barkers, and one's a pooper."

Tori's first dog was Mimi La Rue, a pug. After Tori started working with the Much Loved Animal Rescue, she was compelled to rescue her second dog, Ferris. "I've seen what it's like seeing those faces at the pound and knowing there's just not room enough to put all of them. It just breaks your heart."

Then, Dean and Tori rescued Chiquita together.
Tori Spelling and Mimi LaRue

Tori says she's excited for her son Liam to grow up with animals. "I always had pets growing up and it made a huge difference," she says. "I'm excited for him to have little furry friends around that he can love and they'll love him.

"Everyone told me, because I was so crazy and obsessed with Mimi, they said, 'Once you have a child, you'll realize that a dog is just a dog.' And now that I have a child, I mean, there's no other love like the love I feel for my child," Tori says. "But [Mimi] is still not a dog. I still think of her as my second baby."
Jerry O'Connell and his pack of dogs

Jerry O'Connell Is the Leader of the Pack
In the house he shares with fiancée Rebecca Romijn, actor Jerry O'Connell thinks of himself as the leader of a pack of four "highly trained" dogs.

"This is Bim, he's kind of our watchdog. This is Old Bones Landor, he's 15. This is Taco Truck, the junkyard rascal who Rebecca rescued. And this is Better—he loves to give kisses.

"As you can see, I wield great authority over these animals," Jerry jokes.
Jerry O'Connell loves coming home to his dogs.

Jerry couldn't imagine life without his dogs. "Dogs are just a lot of fun," Jerry says. "It's impossible to be in a bad mood around dogs. It's nice when you come home and, let's say Rebecca's working, or [I'm] home alone. And, you know, you've got these four maniacs to keep you company."