Einstein, the tiny steed

The average horse stands more than 5 feet tall and weighs about 1,500 pounds. A miniature horse is typically half as tall and weighs just 250 pounds, but at 5 months old, little Einstein is head and shoulders below his peers. This tiny steed is just 20 inches tall and weighs in at a mere 47 pounds.

Prepare yourselves for cuteness overload!


"He is itsy-bitsy!" Oprah says.

Judy, a woman who's been raising miniature horses for more than 20 years, says Einstein was inexplicably small from the start. At birth, a miniature horse usually weighs between 21 and 22 pounds. Einstein only weighed 6 pounds when he was born. To put that into perspective, Judy says their family cat weighs 20 pounds!


Judy sold Einstein to friends, Rachel Wagner and Charlie Cantrell, who fell in love with the tiny steed the moment they met him.

"We saw his little head and his perfect little mane and his perfect little legs. ... I was just blown away," Rachel says.

"He is so well-proportioned," Charlie says. "It's almost like somebody put him in a shrink machine and just shrunk him down."


What makes Einstein so small? "He's a bit of an anomaly," Charlie says. "He's about, I'd say, one in a billion. There aren't too many of these around."


Rachel says Einstein is too small to hang around other horses, so he befriended Lily, the family's white boxer.

Einstein also has two miniature Nigerian dwarf goats to keep him company, as well as two human nannies who train and take care of him.


Although Rachel and Charlie are hoping Einstein is crowned the world's smallest horse, the title currently belongs to a dwarf horse named Thumbelina. "Thumbelina is what's called a dwarf horse," Rachel says. "She has a head that's disproportionately large. She has these tiny little legs, and this really big body. Essentially she's a little bit shorter than Einstein, but she weighs twice as much as he does." Rachel thinks there should be a category for dwarf horses and a category for non-dwarf horses. "She's so cute, but she's really different than him," she says.


"Einstein is every little girl's dream," Rachel says. "He's just this tiny little horse that you can just have in your yard and literally just pick up and put in your lap."

"He's just brought a lot of love and joy to our lives," Charlie says.