While it might seem like supporting a yearlong, international journey for a family of six would be extremely expensive, Anne says their budget is "not grand." Their daily costs have gone from $75 a day for the whole family in southern China to about $300 per day in Australia.

Throughout their trip, the Andruses have found ways to save some money—like buying tents and camping in Africa. "I think most people would be surprised at how affordable it really can be if you're willing to make a few sacrifices along the way," Anne says.

The family doesn't have a set-in-stone itinerary for their trip, but they do have a basic outline of the countries they will visit. They appear on The Oprah Show via satellite from the summit of a mountain at their latest stop—Cape Town, South Africa. Next up is a layover in the Netherlands, and then they will travel to Turkey and meet up with Grandma and Grandpa.

Understandably, six people can't travel for that long together without getting a little cranky, but Anne says that's to be expected. "It's a challenge, but ultimately, we really feel like the kids and Tom and I have grown together, and our relationships are really benefiting from this," she says.