Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane

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After hundreds of performances in The Producers, Oprah wants to know: Did it ever get old?

"Well, we got old," Nathan jokes. "But the show never did. Every audience is different and we always had a great time together."

"We would occasionally get a little bored," Matthew admits. "The minds wandered once in a while, as I recall."

For the movie version, Matthew and Nathan say they had to adjust to performing for a quiet camera crew instead of a boisterous Broadway audience. "Matthew used to say it was like doing the show several times a day for a very quiet Wednesday matinee," Nathan says of the filming. "You're so used to an audience's reaction driving the show."

"I found that was one of the hardest things," Matthew agrees. "The timing [for a play] became so much about how long people were laughing. ... We got [to the film studio] in this big cavernous room in Brooklyn and we would [do our shtick] and there would be dead silence and a camera whirring."