Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane and Oprah

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Despite the The Odd Couple's phenomenal pre-sales, Nathan and Matthew can't help but feel pressure following The Producers. "We're a little nervous," Nathan jokes, "I've had adult diapers put into all my clothing."

"There are expectations with any show, but especially with this," Nathan says. "You have to block all of that out and say, 'All we can do is give them the best experience of the play we can.'"

Even at this point in his career, Nathan still concerns himself with the critics. "I can't remember any good [reviews]," he laughs, "but all the bad ones I memorized. One guy said about me, and I thought it was witty: "Mr. Lane is an irrepressible performer who should be forcibly repressed."

"There are going to be only good things said about The Odd Couple," Oprah assures her modest guests. "It's all the buzz!"