Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges: The Mirror Has Two Faces
"So Barbra, she's like a diamond, this woman. She's got so many facets to her. Of course she's got the wonderful instrument of her voice and she directs and, you know, acts and all of this. But she's also got a very down-home side to her.

"My favorite scene that I did with Barbra was a dance scene at the end of our movie, and it wasn't in the script, so that last scene is a dance improvisation that we did. We had a ball doing that."
Mandy Patinkin

Mandy Patinkin: Yentl
"I remember Barbra wanted our characters to kiss in the end, and I felt that after he has been through all of this and been betrayed that he couldn't get past that that quickly to kiss. So we had a bit of a disagreement about that. In the end, we came nose to nose and then parted. Now, I wish I'd kissed her."
Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte: The Prince of Tides
"We definitely had some physical contact in these scenes, and if it got too real because she had the power, she would yell out in a smothering kiss, 'Cut, cut, cut.' I'd say, 'Barbra, you can't direct and act at the same time.' She said, 'Yes, but it's getting a little too hot in here, you know? I said, 'Well, it's supposed to get that way.'"
Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson: A Star Is Born
"I felt that we had a very good chemistry. A very nice relationship that worked on a lot of different levels. We battled a lot before the film started, but once we were into it, I think we trusted each other's instincts.

"The bathtub scene was probably the sexiest scene that I did in any of my films. I've been in a lot of films, but that's one that always brings a smile to my face. I think of it often."
Robert Redford

Robert Redford: The Way We Were
"I remember the fun we had. I remember liking her energy and her spirit, it was wonderful to play off of. I also really enjoyed kidding her. She was fun to kid." 

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