Looking for a "dunny" in the "back of beyond"? Craving a "coldie" or a "cuppa"?

If you have no idea what we're talking about, brush up on your Australian slang with this glossary! The A-Z guide to talking like a true Aussie.
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Ace: Something highly enjoyable or attractive

Amber nectar: Beer

Ankle biter: A small child

Arvo: Short for "afternoon"


Back of beyond: Far away in the outback

Barbie: Barbecue

Barney: A fight

Bloody: General all-purpose adjective, once thought profane

Bloke: Man, guy

Boozer: Someone who drinks a lot.

Bottle-o: Liquor shop

Bumbag: Fanny pack


Chewie: Chewing gum

Click: Kilometer. As in: "It's 10 clicks away."

Coldie: Can of beer

Cuppa: Cup of tea


Dag: A funny person, nerd or goof

Deadset: True, the truth

Dinkum, fair dinkum: True, real or genuine. As in: "I'm a dinkum Aussie" or "Is he a fair dinkum?"

Drongo: A dope; stupid person

Dunny: Toilet

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