Contortionist Leslie Tipton folds herself into a suitcase.

Contortionist Leslie Tipton
Oprah's bag is packed, and she's ready for an adventure! What she has inside her suitcase is sure to get the show rolling.

As she unzips the zipper, the mystery contents are revealed. Inside, folded up like an accordion, lays Leslie Tipton, a professional contortionist!

In 2007, Leslie wiggled her way into Guinness World Records for being the fastest person to get into a suitcase and zip it up from the inside. This 37-year-old Californian can complete this feat in 13.31 seconds. "My flexibility is supernatural," she says. "I squish myself in there just like you'd squish your clothes in."

"This is a talent I didn't even know existed in the world," Oprah says.
Leslie Tipton places eggs into cups with her feet.

Packing herself into small spaces isn't Leslie's only talent. She also holds the world record for being the fastest person to put eggs into egg cups—with her feet! She can place six eggs into the small saucers in just 57 seconds.

Leslie says she was born flexible, but she has to train to control the movements. Now, she can bend over backward for others...literally.
Swee' Pea jumps rope with Oprah and Alex.

One-of-a-Kind Dog Tricks
Some world record holders train for decades to make it into Guinness World Records, but Oprah's next guest made history twice before her 11th birthday.

Meet Swee' Pea, the jump-roping superdog! In 2007, this 10-year-old border collie/Australian shepherd mix set a world record for the most rope skips by a dog in one minute. She blew away the canine competition by jumping 75 times in 60 seconds.

Alex, her owner and trainer, says he began training Swee' Pea when she was very young. "We started really slow, and then we built it up," he says. "She first broke the record at 62, then went to 65, and now she's at 75."
Swee' Pea climbs stairs while balancing water on her nose.

For more than 20 years, Alex has traveled throughout the United States and Canada with Swee' Pea and other pets showcasing amazing dog tricks.

Seven years ago, he says he began teaching Swee' Pea another trick that would eventually make it into the record books. She's the only dog in the world who can climb stairs—backward and forward—with a glass of water balanced on her nose.
Radar and Thumbelina, the smallest and tallest horses

World's Smallest and Tallest Horses
Some animals have to train to break records, while others are born to be famous. In 2007, a Belgian Draft Horse named Radar was named the tallest living horse by Guinness World Records.

At 6'7 1/2" tall, Radar is almost twice the size of an average horse. To support his supersized frame, he eats his fair share of hay. Tipping the scales at 2,600 pounds, this record holder weighs more than a Mini Cooper!

You haven't seen mini unless you've met Thumbelina, the world's smallest horse! At just 17 1/2" tall, she's smaller than most dogs and almost six feet shorter than Radar.
Fan Yang holds 14 Guinness World Records.

Bubble Artist Fan Yang
International artist Fan Yang holds 14 Guinness World Records for his breathtaking bubble creations. Fan says he started creating bubbles as a little boy. "I was fascinated by the bubbles floating on the river, made by the vortex," he says. "It became my passion."

Fan's first show-stopper is putting an audience member in a bubble. Volunteer Debbie, is mesmerized by the "bubble cluster" Fan creates before encasing her in one behemoth of a bubble!
Fan Yang creates a fog bubble.

Fan continues to weave his bubble magic on stage. Using a special bubble solution, Fan performs a trick that appears to create bubbles out of mist! Fan blows fog-filled orbs inside of a larger, clear bubble.

"I want to do that!" Oprah says.
Fan Yang puts 100 people in a bubble.

If you thought putting one person in a bubble sounded difficult, try 100! Before today, Fan has only been able to fit 42 people in a bubble. He decides its time to break his own record right on Oprah's stage.

With the wave of an arm, Fan blows his old record out of the water on only his second try!
Kent French, the world's fastest clapper.

World's Fastest Clapper
A passion for clappin' helped Kent French make his mark in the record books. The father of nine holds the title of world's fastest clapper! How did he find out he could clap so fast? "I'm a frustrated drummer," he says.

Ken says his record is 721 claps per minute and gives the audience a speedy round of applause at 14 claps per second!
Cathie Young

World's Smallest Waist
Think about the size of a large bagel. Now think about how small your waist would be if it was the exact same size around. For 70-year-old Cathie Young, that's no stretch of the imagination. At 15 inches, she holds the Guinness World Record for having the smallest waist in the world.

After having three children, Cathie started lacing a corset around her then-26-inch waist. "We do Victorian costuming. In order to have a Victorian costume look appropriate, you have to have the proper underwear. So I started wearing a corset to make the Victorian gowns look beautiful," she says.

Cathie says she wears her corset 24 hours a day and only takes it off to shower. "I go fishing, I do everything any normal person would do," she says.
Karate master Kenneth Lee

Karate Master Kenneth Lee
You could call Kenneth Lee a human Cuisinart. The karate master holds a world record for most apples—23 total—cut in midair in one minute with a samurai sword.

Kenneth attempts to break his own record on stage—and slices 24 red delicious apples to bits!

Kenneth's isn't the only record broken today. Oprah's Book Club selection The Pillars of the Earth broke a few of its own. Not only is it the longest book she's ever chosen—at 973 pages—it's also the fastest-selling book in Oprah's Book Club history.

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